Individually Managed Accounts

Private discretionary accounts, fully managed and administered by Leyland Private Asset Management and available to clients with at least A$500,000 to invest.

IMA’s allow for a tailored investment strategy to be developed and implemented efficiently, whilst also providing full transparency as to the content and performance of the portfolio.

When establishing an investment mandate we discuss with each investor their individual goals, preferences, existing investments and personal disposition.

Direct Share Ownership

Investors receive all the benefits of direct share ownership, including voting rights, dividends, franking credits, rights issues and share buy-backs. Investments are held directly by the client ensuring that the assets are fully protected.


All administration associated with the portfolio is managed by Leyland Private Asset Management.


Comprehensive, yet straightforward online reporting allows clients to view their investments & performance in real time.


The table below outlines the difference between IMA’s and alternative forms of managed investments.

Feature Managed Funds LICs ETFs SMAs IMAs
Tailored management No No No No Yes
Direct access to portfolio manager No No No No Yes
Personalised corporate actions No No No No Yes
Transparency No No Index Yes Yes
Input into investment decisions No No No No Yes
Tax Efficiency Poor Moderate Good Good Excellent
Portability None None None Good Excellent
Direct ownership of underlying securities No No No Yes Yes
Embedded tax Liability Yes Yes No No No
Capital losses applied to Future gains within structure Future gains within structure Future gains within structure Any current or future gains Any current or future gains


Individually Managed Accounts are only available for clients who qualify as wholesale for the purposes of section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).