Our Services

Individually Managed Accounts

IMA’s are Managed Discretionary Accounts, fully managed and administered by Leyland Private Asset Management available to clients with $500,000+ to invest. Leyland Private Asset Management manages each share portfolio individually according to mandates from each investor. These accounts are particularly suitable for investors who appreciate professional management and administration – freeing up their time for activities more important to them.


Stockbroking services are available for clients who do not want their portfolio professionally managed, but prefer instead to place their own orders and look after all their own administration and paperwork.

Margin Lending

Margin Lending is an effective tool to increase exposure and flexibility for investment portfolios. Leyland has a strong relationship with many Margin Lending providers and can help find a facility suitable for most clients.

Cash Management Trusts

Cash Management Trusts are an invaluable investment tool used as a holding account for funds awaiting investment. CMT’s are also used to deposit dividends, proceeds of buybacks and takeovers etc. Leyland will set up a CMT with an appropriate provider for each client.

Transparent Reporting

WAPAM is Leyland’s powerful online reporting tool providing up to date account information, including performance, profit and loss, dividends, corporate actions etc. The information can also be downloaded at any time by clients, accountants and other professionals.