Reliable and timely reporting is an essential tool in managing your investments.

Leyland Private Asset Management’s proprietary reporting system contains all the information we would expect to receive if we were entrusting our investments to a manager.

The information provided and reports generated are highly regarded by clients and their professional advisers. Information provided includes:


We are fully accountable to each of our clients for the performance of their accounts. A summary of performance provides a clear picture of the overall investment performance including all contributions and withdrawals from the account. The performance figures are calculated after all fees in accordance with strict GIPS guidelines.

Performance graph

Stock Holdings

A detailed and up to date summary of all the holdings in the portfolio, including analysis of days held holding, which is invaluable for tax planning.

Cash Transactions & Balances

Contains all of the cash balances & transactions associated with the portfolio, including all interest payments, lodgements and withdrawals

Realised Gains/Losses

Contains important information including profits and losses and days held for each transaction.


Includes a summary of all transactions pertaining to the account, including purchases, sales, takeovers, placements, buy backs etc.

Corporate Actions

Summary of specific details relating to each corporate action. May include such information as name changes, new cost bases, buy-back details etc.

Management Fees

Transparent details of the management fees which are the only fees associated with the account.

Dividends and Distributions

A concise summary of all dividends and distributions, including franked dividends, unfranked dividends, withholding tax, franking credits.

Detailed Financial Reports

Clients and their professional advisers can download a detailed report containing all of the information described above. This is particularly useful for accountants and tax agents who require this information when preparing tax returns.